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Cub Scout Popcorn Sales

Hey all, my son is selling popcorn for his Cub Scout Pack.  Although a little pricy, the popcorn is honestly really good.  70% of all sales go to his pack.

There is also an option to donate to our troops.  You donate money and Trails End Popcorn will send popcorn overseas to our troops.  I’ve hear first hand that the troops in fact DO get the popcorn.  Many of them have called home asking for a family member to send more.

If anything, please check out the link below.

Thank-you in advance!

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Hey Dan. This is going to sound like a kind of strange and random question but bear with me. You wrote ages ago on your blog that you were looking for an admin assistant. What exactly is that job position and how you would describe it? Like what would that person have been doing for your business in detail? Where is the job located? Do they do it in an office or at their own home or where you live? What kind of skills and qualifications would they need? What would the hours be?


(continued) Would they travel to job sites with you? And before you fele wierded out, I’m not applying or anything, it’s just general research stuff I need to know. Thank you babe!


The way my job works now is that I’m the “face” of the company.   So say, for example, someone is thinking of building a big, three level deck off the back of their house.  Here’s what I do:

  1. I take pictures of the potential job site.
  2. I design the deck by sketching it out. 
  3. I draw up cad drawings of the deck, including renderings of what it would look like on the house.
  4. I calculate what materials will be needed: quantity.   
  5. I estimate what those materials will cost and how much time it will take to do the project.  
  6. With that information, I put together a bid package.   
  7. If the person accepts my bid, I then am the one who looks for the least expensive materials I can.   I order and have them shipped.
  8. I have three people who work for me who actually take the plans and do the construction work.   I will show up at the site from time to time to supervise, especially if its a complicated project.   

I’m at the limit of what the company can do with me doing all those things.   I can’t hire more construction guys, because I can’t produce projects fast enough with me doing 1 through 7.   Those are the main tasks I’d be hiring for.   The ones I could delegate are 1, 2 (if they have CAD expertise), 3, 4, and 7.   My job would be creative, checking calculations, and supervising construction.   I could easily double my workforce from three guys to six then.    

So administrative assistant isn’t the exact term for it.  If the person could do task 3, they’d actually be involved in construction.   

But in addition to those tasks, I’d add:

  1. billing/collections.
  2. code compliance.
  3. Permitting and zoning compliance.  

Just little pissy paperwork stuff that takes time.  

Right now, while I’m in school, it wouldn’t be a 40 hour a week job.   When I graduate early 2015, if I keep my company going, it would easily be that much.   

The person would work out of my home.  I have two rooms I declare workspace, so I can deduct it on my taxes.   

Finally, if it’s a girl who applies to be my assistant, she needs to dress hot and be totally fine with sexual harassment.   ;)